How to Rap – Tips on Practicing writing Lyrics

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Do you have the feeling that you are not able to write about certain topics and you are limited in your language? That everytime you write a rap it’s more a pain than a wonderful experience? Here on my article how to rap – practicing writing lyrics I will show you some tips & tricks on how to improve in your writing skills and your language. Following my suggestions in this article will give you improvements and you will find writing lyrics is more fun than you thought. I’m sure about that. So let’s start!

Suggestion #1:

Write about everything.
It’s simple as that: write about everything that matters in your life or that you get in touch with. Do you still go to school / college and there is a subject you don’t like at all or maybe you admire the most? Try to write at least a verse and a hook about it. Write about why you like that subject, or why it gives you a headache everytime you are just hearing the name of that. Or maybe you have a pet and you have probably the best time with your little friend, write a song about it! About your doggo, your cat or your hamster, i don’t know what type of pet you have, but write something about it. Or maybe you can write yourself a verse about not to give up in going to the fitness or in fulfilling your dreams. There is a plenty of topics you can write something about.

Suggestion #2:

Listen to other rappers and analyzing their lyrics.
Everyone has that one rapper that we are fan of and who inspires us on writing and rapping. So why not analyzing their lyrics and searching for words you are not using in your daily talking? Also you can observe how the artist writes about that topic. Is he writing it in the first-person perspective or is he talking about someone elses story? And what about the topic he chose? Is it something funny that happened, is it a story of something that happened to him and changed his life? Try to get an overview of some of his lyrics and the way he transmits his information to you. By analyzing other rappers you will see what is possible and maybe you can figure out what works for you the best.

Suggestion #3:

Read a Book you wouldn’t read.
I am from Germany and in my english lesson we read Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. It was such a hard task for me because it was a different and this kind of medieval language. But working myself through that book was an experience I will never forget. I learned so many new words and this is what I am trying to tell you. By reading some books you will expand your knowledge of vocabulary and this is something that can improve your writing skills a lot! You maybe will start getting used to a new language or way of talking or writing and with this you can get some elegance into your songs. Also reading opens your view on the world.

Suggestion #4:

Listen to songs of different Genres.
Stop your “My Box – Your Box” thinking. Just free yourself of “keepin’ it real” and listen to some songs of a genre you are not familiar with. I don’t know if you know the German Rockband “Rammstein” but the Leadsinger of them, Till Lindemann, is a genius in writing lyrics. His technique of writing songs is so fascinating that I changed my way of writing lyrics. Listening to him and reading his lyrics showed me the power of words like nobody did. And he comes from a different Genre.
Maybe you have a good friend listening to some kind of music you don’t listen to and ask him to show you some of the best songs in his opinion. This way you don’t have to dig too long for some good stuff.

Suggestion #5:

Read Poems / Visit Poetry Slams.
Poems are lyrics without music. So why not reading some of that? Read some of the old ones and try to understand what they are writing about. You can also visit a poetry slam evening in your local area. There you will not just get to hear some interesting lyrics but also you will be with people who are interested in the same topic as you do. And being with people with the same interests is the best experience you can get in your topic you want to improve. Who knows, maybe you get connected with some other lyricists and maybe you can get a slot on a slam evening to perform your own written lyrics.

Suggestion #6:

Keep on improving / Never give Up!
A lot of people I talked to about never giving up were giving up because they had no patience. They want their results too fast by trying too less. They don’t loose weight as fast as they wish so they say “I will never get my weight down”. But that’s a problem they have within them. They don’t have passion for the thing they do. If you do something, no matter what, you need the right amount of ambition for it or you will never get better in it. When you say: “Well, let’s see where this leads to” you will give up on being a rapper much faster as you think. Trust me, it’s a long way and you WILL have moments of failure but that’s life! And in my opinion it’s even good the way it is because this seperates the ones who don’t have the passion for rap and those who are willing to spend hours on rhyming, rapping and writing lyrics. You have to sacrifice something to get what you want, so stay focused, keep on improving and never ever give up when this is something you want to spend your life with! Set yourself reachable goals to measure your improvement. This will give you a good feeling and more confidence when you have reached that goals.

Alright, I gave you some opportunities on practicing your writing skills and your understanding of lyrics. I believe that working hard can get you to a level of succes you want to reach.  It’s now up to you what you do with the informations I gave to you. I am sure you will see results when you follow my suggestions! Believe in yourself, be consistent and never give up.

Let me know when you liked the tips and tricks on practicing writing lyrics or if you have the feeling something is missing and I will edit this post for you. So  feel free to comment in the section below and if you want to be always up to date when there is more Info about how to’s, just subscribe to the RizzakBeats Newsletter! 

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