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Have a look on the licensing terms and conditions.

Lease WAV
29,99 €
Perfect for Mid Projects & Audiophiles!
Untagged WAV
Sell up to 5.000 units
Royalty Free
Instant Delivery
Broadcast Rights for 4 Radio Stations
RizzakBeats still owns full rights
RizzakBeats needs to be named
Read Full Terms
Lease Premium
59,99 €
Let the Tracks be mixed the way You want!
Untagged WAV + Trackout
Sell up to 12.000 units
Royalty Free
Instant Delivery
Broadcast Rights for 6 Radio Stations
RizzakBeats still owns full rights
RizzakBeats needs to be named
Read Full Terms

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Making High Quality Rap & Hip Hop Beats / Different Leasing Options for different purposes. From HipHop to Oldschool Beats and Trap & Melodic to Psychadelic Instrumentals. Check my Leasing Options for your Dream Project!


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

What are leased beats?

Leased Beats are a low-cost way to get high quality & professional beats for your Songs and Projects. If you purchase a License, you will get also a Terms & Agreements Sheet so you can have a look on what you can do and also what you have to consider if you want to make business with your songs. You can check out my Terms & Agreements on the Pricing Table to get an quick overview and you can go to the 'Read Full Terms' button, so get more detailed Information about the options of a lease.

What file formats do you offer?

I offer high quality Beats for your success. Depending on your choice of License I provide for you MP3s in 320kBit/s Quality, WAVs and single Tracks of the Beat for more options to vary in the song.

What is a 'Trackout'?

If you purchase the Premium Lease, you will get a folder with the single tracks of the Beat so you can let them be mixed in a way you or your Mixing Engineer would do it. That means that you will get the Instruments and Drums dry with almost no Plug-In and no Effects. But if the Sound of an instrument depends on an effect, it will be exported on the track too. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to have some tracks exported in a different way.

How much are custom beats?

Custom Beats have to be preordered. For Inquiries use the Contact Form.



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Send me a message if you have questions or inquiries on beats.

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